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The Fumes of Last Minute Prayers

Posted by Robert Jones on

When I was in 8th grade the school I was attending coordinated a "Jog-a-Thon" fundraiser and the students were compelled to find sponsors who would donate a certain amount of money for every lap we ran around the track.  At the time, I had never run in a marathon, or even jogged anywhere further than my own neighborhood.  I had no knowledge of marathon phrases such as "second wind, runner's high or cool-down."  I am certain I did not stretch before the event, nor did I ingest extra bananas for potassium, or hydrate myself 24 hours prior.  I simply walked up to the starting line with lots of enthusiasm and when they blew the whistle, I sprinted around the track for the first lap.

Most of you are already way ahead of the story right now, and you're probably shaking your head in pity.  Suffice it to say, by about the 20th lap around the track I collapsed with heat stroke and had to be taken to the hospital.  But I recovered quickly and learned a very valuable lesson about the difference between playing 'tag' and running for fun with my friends versus running a long distance marathon.

Many believers are still playing 'tag' in regards to their spiritual disciplines.  In fact, when it comes to discipline in general most people have a 'tag' mentality in which they are full of enthusiasm at the beginning of their New Year's resolution and sprint toward their goals on the first day, only to fail miserably after a week or two.

Making substantial changes in life takes thought.  Careful thought.  Preparations must be made; adjustments are required in our schedule and monthly budget; education is necessary to achieve our goals; then support systems must be put in place to keep us focused and energized.  Yet, it's so much more... comfortable, to simply waltz into prayer during that lull in our day and breath a heavy spiritual sigh of piety and say to God, "Please take care of these issues in my life, amen."  ...and play 'tag' with God in our prayers.

Let me just say, that all types of prayer are important whether they are long or short, and praying little short prayers all throughout the day is a good habit.  But, if all we ate were snacks periodically throughout the day it wouldn't take long before you realized, "Hey, I need to eat something real!"  I encourage you to find time to sit down with God and eat a full course supernatural meal.  I promise you, you'll notice a difference in your spiritual health, and you'll avoid the collapse that comes from running on the fumes of last minute prayers. 

~ Pastor Robert


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