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That small word

Posted by Michael Lee on

In 1 Cor Chapter 12, Verse 28, there is a list of spiritual gifts. In the middle of that list is the word “Helps”.  The original word for this in the greek is “antilapesis” meaning “the rendering of assistance or relief.” In my opinion, this is one of the most powerful word/ideas in the bible. The principle here is actually to help, to move from thought or idea into action. The book of James, he states that having faith without putting it into action is the same as the body without its spirit, completely dead.

1 Corinthians clearly shows us that we all have a gift from God and it’s not just the five fold ministry. Once a believer catches the spiritual principle of assistance (or helping), it truly doesn’t matter where they assist. God places His anointing upon them for that cause. God places His empowerment, sealing, and invigorating anointing upon the individual for the work of the ministry. It seems to be what people miss; helping, assisting, getting involved and representing Him is God’s plan for us, and for the ones, we are helping. So, He is more than excited to empower us for Kingdom success.

So when was the last time we just helped out where you were needed? When someone asks if we can help clean up the café or sweep the bathrooms or one of a million things it takes for a church to run, did we say yes? When the Holy Spirit drops a thought in your head, to blow off the parking lot of the church with the new blower we just bought; don’t just think about it take action.

So, rise up, o servant of the Most High, step out into faith and the anointing of God. Whether it’s in the church nursery, cleaning the church or helping in the local soup kitchen, bottom line we are called to the ministry of HELPs.

 Selah (pause and meditate)


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