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Strategic Naps, versus Old Fashioned Lazy Naps

Posted by Robert Jones on

Just writing that title made me chuckle.  Is there a difference between twenty minute power naps that are strategically placed within our busy schedule versus old fashioned naps in which we accidentally fall asleep at our computer monitor?  (rhetorical question, and the answer is no)  But it's funny that people need that question answered in order to be relieved of their guilt from taking occasional naps.  The idea of being lazy, wasting time or not maximizing their fullest potential can drive some folks insane.  For others, it can be outright criminal to take a nap.  While eating lunch with several colleagues I heard them all vehemently contradict each other and declare, 

     "I NEVER take naps!"

     "I LOVE to take naps!"

     "People who take naps are lazy!"

     "Jesus took naps!"

Why does taking the time to post a blog about this subject even matter?  Because it's amazing to me how much it matters to certain people.  There are those who are absolutely convinced that God is preoccupied with every little thing we do.  Yes, God cares about everything in our daily lives, but he doesn't over-analyze, over-react or worry about us.  He already knows everything that you will ever do and he loves you anyway.  What's hilarious is that a few of you reading this blog are still stuck on the great "nap" question and would love for me to theologically prove that "naps" are okay.

Okay let's go deep.

Daniel 12:4 states that before the end times, "...many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase."  I think that in light of time and space, God is able to zoom out on the big picture.  I mean really zoom out.  To summarize the next couple thousand years by saying to Daniel that the most beloved creation shall "run to and fro" is border line insulting.  "Is that what I'm doing God, running to and fro?"  I mean, where is "fro" anyway, I can't find it on my GPS?

In all sincerity, I am very much looking forward to God saying to me, "Well done thou good and faithful servant."  I really am, no kidding.  It will be enough.  But wouldn't it be funny if somebody followed that up by sheepishly raising their hand and asking the question, "God, did I take too many naps in my lifetime?"  If I could ask for a vote, how many of you would agree that God would probably chuckle and rub the top of their head like they were five years old, and say "It's okay son, it's ok."  And that's my point.

Follow the Matthew Six Principle and " first his Kingdom, and his righteousness... and do not worry about tomorrow."  It's not that God doesn't care about the little things, it's just that he cares more about the important things, like who you are.  He took care of all the details on the cross, and then told us that he will basically show us every day what to do next if we stay connected to his presence.  What a relief!!  I don't have to impress God with how strategic I am with my schedule, but rather I just need to trust God throughout my entire day.

There is a great quote I read recently, "Cultivate self-compassion by letting go of perfection."  Those are words to live by.

Now, go take that nap.

~ Pastor Robert


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