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Hiding Under the Sheets

Posted by Robert Jones on

I remember those scary nights as a kid when it was dark in my bedroom and my imagination began to play tricks on me.  My closet had shadows, there was something groaning under my bed, and the wind was whistling against my window.  Like every normal kid I would pull my bed sheets over my head and hide with the hope that whatever was lurking in my room couldn't find me.  Its ironic that little kids think that thin bed sheets have any protective powers from the boogie-man.  But the truth of the matter is that bed sheets hide our eyes from hallucinations.

It reminds me of when Adam and Eve hid from God in the Garden of Eden after they sinned and ate the fruit from the forbidden tree.  Obviously, no one can hide from God, and I'm fairly certain that Adam and Eve knew that.  But just like little children, their imaginations ran wild and they hid themselves.

There is an instinctive human trait we all wrestle with and that is the notion that, 'If I don't see it, then it must not exist.'  Its a form of denial that can actually blossom into other dangerous perspectives such as, 'I can eat whatever I want and it won't affect me.' or 'I haven't been praying like I should, but everything seems to be okay anyway.'

Many of our justifications are as thin as the bed sheets we used to pull over our heads when we were children.  Denial doesn't protect us from the skeletons in our closet but rather it hides our eyes from seeing the truth.  'If I don't see it or acknowledge it, then it must not exist.'  Its a form of superstition much like knocking on wood after you say something negative in order to avoid jinxing yourself.  If someone mentions the possible consequences of our destructive habits, we quickly respond by saying, 'Well I've gotten away with it so far!' (followed by arrogant laughter)  One of the saddest moments in a person's life is when the 'Day of Consequences' arrives and they realize they haven't been fooling anyone but themselves.

I use the term 'self-awareness' quite a bit in ministry.  Another synonym with more religious flare is the word 'revelation.'  1 Corinthians 12:31 says, 'But eagerly desire the greater gifts.'  I have come to believe that 'discernment' is one of the most powerful and protective spiritual gifts that we can acquire!  Discernment is much like revelation and self-awareness.  We can discern what God is impressing upon our hearts, we can discern what is wise in each and every situation and we can discern our own motives and be honest with ourselves.  For all those who enjoy living in blissful ignorance by hiding under the bed sheets, discernment is what turns the lights on and exposes what lurks in the darkness.

Discernment separates the men from the boys.  It kills the boogie man and fills us with courage.  It opens our eyes to see beyond the thin veil of self-denial and gives us an opportunity to experience the real world without fear.  'Life without fear'... now there is something to dream about.

~ Pastor Robert


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