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Adapting to a Shift in Kingdom Culture

Posted by Robert Jones on

I have friends who regularly remodel their home every few years, simply because they're bored with the old look.  The furniture, wall hangings and trinkets could easily sell for retail prices in any mall, but they've stared at it all long enough and it's time for something new.  Of course, we love getting all their hand-me-downs, so when they announce they're making another change we selfishly get excited to inherit their junk.

It has been my observation that there are those who are energized by "change" and those who abhor it.  There are thousands of epic war stories in the church community in which the "Contemporaries" battle the "Traditionalists" every Sunday morning.  After years of studying these shifts in religious paradigms I have come to believe that we need to tweak our semantics for clarification.

First of all, there is a big difference between the words "kingdom" and "church."  Not every church is part of kingdom culture.  Kingdom culture is dictated by the moving of the Holy Spirit to bring about change, revival, cleansing, anointing, restructuring, releasing or even closing.  We have to discern what God is doing and adjust accordingly.

Unfortunately, it is difficult for believers to differentiate between adapting to the "new thing" God might be doing in the Kingdom versus churches who make changes simply to adjust to pop-culture.  This is more than just a generational battle although it can seem that way.  For example, the old-timer who says they don't like "change" may not realize that they are not only resisting pop-culture, but also the changes being introduced by the Holy Spirit to do a "new thing" in the Kingdom.  

We can't perceive all change as evil because God himself invented the concept of change.  As we all know, Jesus was the greatest example of a shift in Kingdom culture.  Nearly of all his peers involved in religious leadership resisted the changes instituted by the Father, and subsequently missed the new thing God was doing in regards to salvation, grace and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

I have challenged myself to discern and embrace the changes that God wants to bring into the Kingdom.  Each new generation must be careful to share the gospel in relevant ways without falling in love with the world.  It's a fine line with semantics, but for all those who hate the word "change" I present a new word that might be more palatable for you, and that's the lovely word, "adapt."  God himself never changes, but he loves to do a new thing and we are compelled to adapt to his pace, his timing - his new vision.

~ Pastor Robert


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