Connection Groups

Join a connection group that meets in your area or start one yourselves. A connection group is a way to get plugged with not only the body of Christ here at Freedom but also a way to reach out to those around us. 

We believe that connection groups are a critical form of Christian discipleship and due to the friendships developed through discussion and teaching, we are confident that your life will be challenged and transformed.

Together we will go through books and video lessons on areas that help shape our lives into Christ's image. Studying subjects like marriage, spiritual warfare, and overcoming through the Word, from authors like John Bevere, Dr. Emerson Eggerichs, and C.S Lewis to name a few. 

Groups meet throughout the week in all areas of El Dorado County.  We look forward to connecting with you!



This summer we're launching "Dinners With Friends."

What is Dinner With Friends? It is a summer program we are launching to connect new and old friends. This program is rooted in the example of Jesus who enjoyed eating with others as a way of building relationships and nurturing faith.

There will be a total of three dinners you will enjoy with your group. Joining a dinner group is a great way to meet other's from the church that you may not already know. It is also an opportunity to invite those who may turn you down for an invite to church. After all, who could turn down a wonderful meal with friends old and new? Each dinner group will plan its own meals and get together once every 3 weeks until August 4. Meals will be shared at participants homes, at local restaurants, or wherever the group decides. Get to know one another and enjoy good conversation. The emphasis is on fellowship, so you don't have to be a gourmet cook, or a Bible scholar to participate.





Weekly Connection Group List



  • Cameron Park 6:00 — 7:30 PM at Freedom Church Café (Women’s Bible Study)
    • Leader: Pastor Colleen Williams
    • Contact 530-680-1049
  • Cameron Park 6:00 — 7:30 PM at Freedom Church (Youth grades 6 through 12)
    • Leader: Pastor Timothy and Stephani Williams
    • Contact 530-521-7575


  • Cameron Park 7:00 — 8:00 PM at Freedom Church (Prayer Night)
    • Leader: Pastor Colleen Williams
    • Contact 530-680-1049


  • Cameron Park 8:00 — 9:30 AM at Freedom Church Café (Men’s Bible Study)
    • Leader: Pastor Scott Williams
    • Contact 530-680-0469


Email: or call 530-677-7212 to get plugged in today.